As For Me and My House

As For Me and My House

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(Sequel to Bringing Them Home)

After eleven years of homeschooling their family, with Nicole on the threshold of marriage, Cassy pauses to reflect back on their journey. As For Me and My House follows the Knights as they work through many issues during their children’s teen years. From peer influences, to discussions on purity and dating relationships, David and Cassy work diligently to give their children a strong biblical foundation. They challenge their children to forgo dating and save themselves wholly for the person God would have them marry. Of course Jeremy figures his sisters could use a little help, so he does his part in scaring off a few over zealous suitors.
David and Cassy also seek to shield their children from a peer focused, entertainment driven youth culture, which can so easily capture teens’ hearts. But could they go so far as to pull their children out of the church youth group? Wouldn’t that be "un-Christian"? As they strive to discover God’s design for church and family, they must battle such questions.

While seeking ways to minister to their community, the Knights become involved in volunteering at a local Crisis Pregnancy Center, helping young women who are facing unplanned pregnancies. As a result of that ministry, they are impacted by the devastating reality of abortion. However, the Knights also reap many blessings and have a lot of fun along the way. For despite the many pitfalls in society that can ensnare the Christian family, the Knights choose to walk counter to their culture. As the leader of his home, David aligns himself with Joshua when he declares that, "As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD." And as Nicole walks down the aisle to stand before her soon to be husband, Cassy can rejoice in the fruits of their labor.

Author: Elizabeth Wiens

227 pages

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