Bringing Them Home

Bringing Them Home

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David and Cassy Knight had never considered the prospect of homeschooling their children. After all, they had gone through the public school system and it hadn’t affected them—or had it? One spring, when their daughter’s faith is challenged by a fourth grade school teacher, the Knights start to take a more critical look at the education system. As the couple searches for answers and a way to give their children a solid foundation in the Bible, they feel that God is leading them to bring their children home and out of the public school system.

Cassy faces many doubts as she starts her journey, but thanks to Lauren Andrews, a homeschool mom who becomes her friend and mentor, Cassy is guided through her first year. The couple’s whole philosophy of education is turned upside-down as they take up the challenge to train up their four children at home. They start to discover that homeschooling is not all about workbooks, school schedules and report cards, but about families working together and real life experiences. Share the laughs, heart-warming teachable moments and challenges along the way, as the Knights set out on this amazing venture called homeschooling.

Author: Elizabeth Wiens

217 pages

Join the Knight family in the sequel - As for Me and My House

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