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When government and Truth collide, will freedom survive?

As the stunned home educators sit in the gallery of the Alberta Legislature, Garrett can hardly believe the results of the final vote. What now? He never thought he’d have to face the decision of whether he should break the law—but he cannot turn his children over to the godless, government system without a fight. The question is, will others be willing to risk jail or losing their children to join him in that battle?

With social workers knocking on their doors and the police in hot pursuit, Garrett is left wondering how many will be left standing when the battle is over. Help comes from unexpected places as parents band together to protect their families, but will it be enough, and will the fallout be more than they can bear? Faced with a devastating court challenge, those in the heat of the fire cling to their faith in God, though it may cost them everything.

Author: Elizabeth Wiens

Epub file format (only available in Canada).

Paperback also available here or on Amazon.com


"If homeschooling suddenly became illegal nationally, what would happen to the homeschooling movement? Unshakeable, is a novel that explores that compelling question through a fascinating and well-researched narrative. As a student who grew up being homeschooled when it was illegal in the United States, this book brought back many memories for me. Elizabeth Wiens clearly understands this topic. This would make a great family read-aloud and will facilitate a lot of useful discussion. This book will help you to clarify your thoughts regarding education and formulate your own convictions. I'm glad I read this book, and I hope you will as well."
Israel Wayne
Conference Speaker, Author of Education: Does God Have an Opinion?

Unshakeable is a very realistic story of what Christian parents could experience if the government abolished their right to home educate their children. It’s a compelling work of fiction that is exciting and enjoyable to read. More importantly, however, it guides the reader to think through what steps would be necessary for parents to consider if the government trampled their God-given rights to raise and educate their children. Readers of Unshakeable will not only be entertained, but also instructed about measures parents can take to protect their families.
Michael Wagner, PhD
Author of True Right: Genuine Conservative Leaders of Western Canada.


About the author
Elizabeth Wiens spent twenty-two years serving alongside her husband and family in ministry, first with Child Evangelism Fellowship and later with GoodSeed. She and Gary have filled various roles within the home education community while home educating their five children. Currently, Elizabeth assists Gary in his role as a home education facilitator in Alberta. Elizabeth desires to encourage parents in the biblical discipleship of their children. She recognizes the growing need to defend the parental authority structure God has established, as well as our freedom to teach our children in keeping with His Word. For the sake of her grandchildren and the generations to come, Elizabeth would encourage Christians not to concede this battle. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” ~ 3 John 4 (NKJV)

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