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10 Secrets to the Best Education for Your Child

This book is a virtual "Copernican Revolution" in the area of education. In the face of a failing educational system, families are becoming increasingly disillusioned by the poor educational standards, the failure of character, and the stridently materialist worldview presented by the centralized, state-funded school system.

In Upgrade, Kevin Swanson explores the time-tested, biblically-based principles upon which the best education will rest. Incredibly, most—if not all—of these principles are ignored in modern classroom settings.

For Kevin Swanson, the revolution began in 1968 when his parents began educating him through what is known today as "home education." What you hold in your hands is he maturation of that vision: a powerful, culture-transforming discipleship methodology.

By Kevin Swanson

186 pg. paperback



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