A Bride Goes West

A Bride Goes West

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A Southern Belle Joins Her Cowboy Husband to Conquer the West.

A well-bred West Virginia bride begins the adventure of her life when she marries a young Montana rancher, who takes her back with him to share his life among the cowboys. Follow Nannie's adventures in adapting, with grace and pluck, to her new life in the Wild West -- one of the few white women there, trying to bring civilization to the range, amidst a host of rowdy cowboys, Indians, and outlaws. Colorful and unforgettable characters, cattle roundups, bucking broncos, Indian attacks, and pioneer spirit, make this a thrilling Wild-West-show of a story. Nannie T. Alderson's tale is a true story of honor, courage, resourcefulness, and faith, on the range.

America has a remarkable, but largely unknown, legacy of strong, intelligent, Christian womanhood. In "Voices from the Past," Victoria Botkin will take you back to original source documents, enhanced by period music, breathing life into the very words of real heroines of American history.

Editing: Victoria Botkin
Music: Elizabeth Botkin
Sound Effects: Lucas Botkin
Cover Art: William H. Dunton
Background Art: Albert Bierstadt

5 CDs

5 hours 28 min.

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