An English Family in the American Wilderness

An English Family in the American Wilderness

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The True Story of a Pioneer Adventure.

In 1831, Rebecca Burlend, with her husband and five small children, said goodbye to their homeland of Yorkshire, England after years of struggle to survive as tenant farmers, and emigrated to America. Through her first-hand account of moving to a new country, we can feel the anguish of standing on the deck of a ship, watching one's homeland disappear into the distance, the experience of traveling steerage on an Atlantic voyage, and then of the pioneer's experience in what was truly a New World -- the virgin wilderness of the interior of the continent -- and their family's struggle, ultimately, to prosperity. A true picture of the stark beauty, hard work, and hope of the pioneer adventure. 

America has a remarkable, but largely unknown, legacy of strong, intelligent, Christian womanhood. In "Voices from the Past," Victoria Botkin will take you back to original source documents, enhanced by period music, breathing life into the very words of real heroines of American history.

Editing: Victoria Botkin
Music: Elizabeth Botkin
Sound Effects: Lucas Botkin
Cover Art: Thomas Pollock Anshutz
Background Art: Alfred Glendening

2 CDs

2 hours 16 min.

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