Freedom Teacher Guide

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Teacher Guide for the 18-week, 11th - 12th grade history course!

You can also get the Freedom book that goes with this course from us.

The vital resource for grading all assignments from the Freedom: The History of Western Liberties course, which includes:

  • Instructional insights enhanced with worksheets and additional readings, all from a Christian perspective.
  • Critical thinking and vocabulary building activities that helps students to acquire knowledge and understanding.

Overview: This one-semester course provides students with the opportunity to study the concept of freedom in-depth. The course enables students to look at freedom from a biblical context, with special attention devoted to examining exactly what the Bible says about freedom and Scriptural examples of defenders of freedom. Students will also learn about historical Christian freedom fighters and the tyrants they battled. In addition to the history of freedom, students will also spend considerable time studying contemporary threats and challenges to liberty. Students will learn of how tyranny can seep into numerous institutions of everyday American life, including government regulations, debt, public schools, healthcare, and more. This course will also equip students with the ability to combat these challenges.

Features: The calendar provides daily sessions with clear objectives, worksheets, and exams all based on the readings from the course book.

  • Approximately 60 minutes per lesson, five days a week
  • Includes answer keys for worksheets and exams
  • Worksheets for each section
  • Exams are included to reinforce learning and provide assessment opportunities

207 pages

Freedom the History of Western Liberties Teacher Guide Sample

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