Cotton Pads

  • $10.00

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Made with a layer of organic cotton french terry as the base, 2 layers of zorb organic cotton in the middle and cotton jersey fabric on the top and for the strap. Black fabric is used for the top to hide stains and cream on the bottom so you can see if it is starting to soak through and needs to be changed. Suggested washing: rinse well in cold water after use and place in bucket. Within one week from use, put through washing machine and lay out to dry. Length measures 9″. THESE PADS DO NOT HAVE PUL FABRIC AS A BASE, SO THEY CAN SOAK THROUGH. This allows the fabric to be more breathable and less likely to slide.

Wet bags work well to keep pads in while you’re out of the house. When you put the pads through the wash, you can throw any used wet bags in as well. 6″ wet bag – 11″ wet bag

*Two pads are pictured to show you both sides but they are sold individually.

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