Seasons - 6 Stamp Box Set

  • $55.00

Only 1 left!

Seasons is a very versatile stamp set, as you not only have a variety of stamps to switch between throughout the year, but they also work well for special events and holidays, such as:

Weddings, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more...

Whether it's sealing a card, securing a label on a gift, or for decorating, these seals are so much fun to use! 


  • 1 box
  • 1 wooden handle (Shade of brown may vary from picture.)
  • 1 Sunflower stamp head 
  • 1 Maple Leaf stamp head
  • 1 Snowflake stamp head 
  • 1 Full Bloom stamp head
  • 1 "Thank You" stamp head
  • 1 Bold or Simple Letter stamp head of your choice (Request your letter by leaving a note in the comments on the checkout page. Example: I would like a Bold "M")

Note: The requested letter head must be in stock

(Snowflake head is 1 3/16" diameter. All the other stamp heads are 1")

The insert for this box had a crack down one side and has been taped. It is not very noticeable and is completely functional.

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