The Princess Bellaheld*

The Princess Bellaheld*

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From eighth-century Germany comes the stirring tale of Princess Bellaheld, a godly young woman determined to fulfill God’s call on her life. The daughter of an Iona missionary to the German people, Bellaheld’s world is turned upside down when a young pagan ruler, Hedan of Thuringia, falls in love with her and commands that she become his bride. As a wedding gift, Hedan promises Bellaheld that he will allow Christians within Thuringia to worship and evangelize freely, spreading the Gospel among his people. But Hedan’s mother, Geila, hates both Bellaheld and Christianity, stopping at nothing to subvert her daughter-in-law and stamp out the edgling German Culdee church. Based on a true story, this Esther-like tale recounts the deeds of courageous Bellaheld as she endures persecution, slander, exile, and the impending destruction of her people. Through it all, will Bellaheld remain faithful to her Heavenly King? Or will she fall away and leave the Culdee church to its fate? Find out in this ancient Christian tale of faith and love.

“Yet there are limits beyond which even thy wifely obedience may not go. Thou must never allow thyself to be kept from prayer and from the meeting together with the brethren in the house of God, and thou must always be a faithful champion for the Christian people, man or maidservant, on the Burg.”

 By Julie Sutter

154 Pages, Hardcover

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