Alberta: Separatism Then and Now*

Alberta: Separatism Then and Now*

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Alberta separatism has been out of the news for many years but that may soon change. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was the father of Alberta separatism because he provoked an angry response with his National Energy Program and other socialistic policies. His son Justin has now become the new Liberal prime minister. It may be just a matter of time before Alberta is once again at odds with the federal government. If so, there will be conflict--and Alberta separatism will see a revival. This book--the only one of its kind--describes the background and history of Alberta separatism. Most Albertans are patriotic Canadians, but they won't be pushed around by the federal government, especially when the federal government threatens their livelihoods through attacks on the oil industry. Read how Albertans have fought back in the past, and expect the same if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau comes knocking.

Dr. Michael Wagner is the author of the Christian Citizenship Guide, Leaving God Behind, True Right, Standing on Guard for Thee, No Other Option, and The Anglosphere’s Broken Covenant. He has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Alberta and lives in Edmonton with his wife and eleven children.

158 pages

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