About Us

About Merchant Ship

Merchant Ship was started in 2016 to provide Canadians with unique literature, media and specialty products. It is run by the Wiens family in Didsbury, Alberta. We love finding quality Christian resources and are excited to be able to make them more readily available to Canadians. Almost all the products we carry our family personally uses and loves.

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About the Wiens family

Our family has spent many years in children’s ministry, has been very involved in the home education community and has a heart for discipleship. Each family member has unique interests, and you will see that coming through in the assortment of items we carry.

Items produced by our family:

Our family has also been involved in the feature films produced by Movie Makers. We carry their films Mayflower IIMy Grandpa Detective, Remember and Entrusted With Arrows. You can visit their website here.

We truly hope that Merchant Ship will enrich your voyage. May God bless you on your journey!

Merchant ship is a ministry of Generational Families Network Inc.