Ladies Pads

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Made with PUL fabric as the base so it doesn’t leak through, a few layers of organic cotton french terry in the middle and a wicking polyester fabric on the top. The top layer is easy to clean and shows less wear than other fabrics. Suggested washing: rinse well in cold water after use and place in bucket, within one week from use put through washing machine and lay out to dry. Length measures 9″. 12-20 pads make a complete set if you have extra you can keep them in different locations so you have them where you need them when you need them.

Wet bags work well to keep pads in while you’re out of the house. When you put the pads through the wash you can throw any used wet bags in as well. One 6″ wet bag holds approx. 7 ladies pads. 11″ wet bag holds approx. 15 ladies pads.

*When selecting a colour, the bottom colour is listed first then the top. Two pads are pictured to show you both sides but they are sold individually.

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