Revealing Arithmetic

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Rather than being a secular subject, math is an amazing opportunity to learn about God! Math testifies to God’s consistency and faithfulness. Now you can teach your child to see beyond just manipulating numbers on a page to understanding how God is part of the process. Designed to be used alongside any math curriculum, Revealing Arithmetic is a resource to help you present math as a testimony to the Creator.

For years, Christian math books have looked basically like secular textbooks, with the addition of a Bible verse here or there. Here, at last, is a book to help you transform your math class and show your child God’s handiwork in math!

Revealing Arithmetic will help you:

  • Teach math from a biblical worldview.
  • Worship the Lord in math.
  • Help your child really understand concepts.
  • Train your child to think mathematically.
  • Transform everyday activities and objects into math lessons.
  • Teach your child to use math as a real-life tool.
  • Explore historical methods and symbols.

This book is designed for homeschool parents needing a simple math guide to use alongside their curriculum and help them teach arithmetic to elementary students, older students needing a review of math basics before moving on to advanced mathematics, or Christian school or co-op teachers (or future teachers) wanting ideas on how to modify the curriculum to better reveal the truth of a Creator God.

By Katherine Loop

233 pages, Paperback

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