Ice Wraps

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Enjoy the outdoors on a hot day with an Ice Wrap! Great for around your neck while you garden or do other outdoor work. Can also be used as an ice pack (fabric will become wet as ice melts). Made with zorb organic cotton fabric to minimize dripping and maximize time of effectiveness, with a pocket that velcros shut and cotton tie. Opening is 5 inches in circumference.

Ways to use:

  • Put ice cubes in pocket and lightly dampen.
  • Soak with cold water and use immediately or freeze.

Caution: Very effective! When using ice cubes don't leave in one spot for to long. Once the ice wrap has done its job in cooling you off and if there are still ice cubes in it, remove it or change its position occasionally. Not for use by young children.

Merchant Ship Review - Tamara: I have been super pleased with how effective these are. I don't usually fill it as full as you could with ice cubes because I find 3-4 (depends on the size of your ice cubes) to be all I need. 

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