Invisible Ink Spy Pen*

Invisible Ink Spy Pen*

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This pen makes writing fun as you create secret messages & invent special codes.  If you like to be artistic you can even try making invisible drawings.  One side of the pen allows you to write with invisible ink, the other end contains a special light that will reveal your message. Invisible ink is made of special high-brightness ultraviolet visible compounds.  This means the ink is completely invisible under normal light!


  • Print the words of a song, book page or write your own letter with regular ink. Underline some of the words with invisible ink to create a secret message within the original message. How sneaky!
  • Create a secret code (% = a; ? = b; ! = c… etc). You can use the symbols to write a message in regular ink but the key, telling which symbol equals which letter, is written in invisible ink.
  • Put together a treasure hunt with extra hints in invisible ink.
  • Write hidden messages on multiple pieces of paper. Leave some of the papers blank. Hide papers to create a scavenger hunt.

Not for children under 3 years old.
Batteries are hazardous if swallowed.

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