Brinkman Adventures Season 5*

Brinkman Adventures Season 5*

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A Mysterious Call

The Tanzanian mafia gets more than it bargained for when it captures Michelle and Anthony during their honeymoon in Africa.  Back home, Mr. Pennington helps Ian upgrade his robot only to have it escape and follow the family across the country as they head for the Badlands.   Later, the Brinkman kids learn some unforgettable lessons about missions while on a trip to an Alaskan village.   These six well-crafted episodes will stir the imagination and inspire the soul.

This award-winning audio drama series weaves together incredible missionary accounts with the humorous escapades of the Brinkman family. These powerful, faith-building stories will inspire both young and old to follow Jesus with abandon.

Includes 6 episodes on 2 CD's:

  1. Mafia Mania (Dealing with Danger)
  2. Lying Dinos (Finding Your Calling)
  3. A Tale of Two Teams (Mistakes in Missions & Confronting a Friend)
  4. Bad Legs, Part 1 (Disability and Missions)
  5. Bad Legs, Part 2 (Joy in Trials)
  6. Bookstore Bomber (Is Following God Safe?)

Ages: 6-Adult
Approx. 155 minutes


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