Be Your Own "Doctor" book

Be Your Own Doctor

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An informative guide to herbal home health care.

101 Stories.

For over thirty years Rachel Weaver, an educator, midwife, consultant, and mother of nine children, has tested her knowledge on countless friends, clients, and family.

She continues to learn and apply principles beyond the boundaries of this book. As you study the material outlined here, and become familiar with simple remedies and amazing herbs, you will find yourself taking the responsibility for your own health. You will be inspired to learn that God gave us the tools that we need to live and be healthy.

Be Your Own Doctor offers practical information on:

  • How to deal with colds, flus, and fever
  • How to stop bleeding, heal wounds, and deal with emergencies
  • Re-mineralizing teeth and healing abscesses
  • Recipes to make your own tinctures, poultices, teas, and salves
  • Resolving colic and making your own baby care supplies
  • How to deal with most family health problems in your own home
  • Understanding hormones that are going haywire

Written by Rachel Weaver

336 pages (eighth edition, 2019)

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