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Be Your Own Doctor 2

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For over 30 years Rachel Weaver a mother of nine has had many opportunities to use the remedies she recommends in her book. She has helped many families toward better health using natural remedies in place of doctor visits. Her interest in helping others began when, as a midwife, her friends began calling her for answers to their families' health needs. These calls grew in volume until she was helping others across the US and Canada by phone and email. In an attempt to put this valuable information into the hands of others and preserve it for her children, she wrote yet another book, companion to the first one, "Be Your Own Doctor."

Be Your Own Doctor II is an overflow of information that was not included in the first book. It is full of practical, common sense information written in a way that will help you remember what to do when you have an emergency. It should save your family many doctor visits if you put the information into practice. This book is not New Age in content. The author does not use questionable practices.  She recommends common herbs and simple remedies like charcoal to help your body do its job of healing. Be Your Own Doctor II covers issues like  diabetes, high blood pressure and how to find information to deal with cancer naturally.

Written by Rachel Weaver

272 pages (second edition, 2020)

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