God Created the Sea Life of the World - Colouring Book

God Created the Sea Life of the World - Colouring Book

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Part of a series of coloring sticker books designed to heighten children’s awareness of the truth of God’s Creation, these books teach children about the world God has made. Not only will kids learn about the world around them, but they will see how it reflects God’s plan. They’ll also have fun doing so as they color and use the stickers!

God Created the Sea Life of the World covers the biblical Creation story in relation to sea life, as well as facts about sea animals in general and information on different varieties of them. Kids will also learn how sea animals fit within God’s world in their relationships to each other and people.

  • Teaches about sea creatures and conservation in an age-appropriate, biblically-sound manner
  • Contains 32 full-color stickers that match the drawings and can be used as a color guide
  • Remains fun and informative even after all the pictures are colored

       For ages 4 and up  

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