Family Life*

Family Life*

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A Simple Guide to the Biblical Family

Every Christian family is like a garden, which sometimes grows greener and sometimes gets a little brown around the edges. How green is your family garden? This little book offers a big picture overview of the Christian family, complete with biblical principles, practical suggestions, discussion questions, and helpful resources for further study. It is a culmination of wisdom from multiple generations, intended for the restoration of healthy family gardens in this postmodern wasteland of disintegrated family life.

Almost every chapter of the book recovers something that was largely lost in the last century—family discipleship, family economy, family honor, family relationships, family culture, family freedoms, family worship, and family life. Author Kevin Swanson warns of the toxic influences that threaten the family garden, and guides parents in cultivating their own family gardens and yielding a great spiritual crop.

Topics covered include:

  • Family Relationships
  • Family Worship
  • Family Honor
  • Family Culture
  • Family Discipleship
  • Family Economy
  • Family, Church, and State
  • Family Education

By Kevin Swanson

Paperback. 214 Pages

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