God Made Everything

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Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. (Genesis 1:31)

God is the source of everything. Good science builds upon this foundational truth. A proper view of science will inspire awe of God and His wisdom and power. Science should lead to joy in God's goodness and soften hearts to receive the truth of the Gospel.

This introduction to science for young children (Grades 1-3) is designed to show how perfectly God made everything, from small to great. Not only does it show how God has given the humble earthworm everything it needs, but it also shows that He has given it the greater purpose of increasing the earth's productivity. Discover this and many other similar connections with Beamer the light beam. Here you will find fuel for worship of our great God!

Every page is designed to give God glory through excitement and amazement. Each topic shows the beautiful variety in God's creation. God Made Everything covers every major branch of the natural sciences. Through this fascinating study, young children will be prepared for future learning in natural science.

Features Include:

  • Biblical foundations underlying all science exploration
  • Thorough introduction to light, sky, earth, plants, crustaceans, fish, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, mammals, and the human body
  • Relevant Scripture passages included throughout every chapter
  • Memory verses and children's hymns in each unit
  • Beamer, the friendly light beam, is along for the ride throughout
  • Beautiful pictures help to hold the interest of young children
  • Organized presentation of each topic and simple, relevant illustrations

By Tamela Sechrist
Editors: Kevin Swanson, R.A. Sheats, Kayla White

Textbook - 337 Pages, Paperback
Student Workbook - 302 Pages, Paperback


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