God Made Plants

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The best way to introduce the wonder of God’s world of plants, forests, and gardens to a 6-9 year old child is by bright pictures, delightful descriptions, simple and clear explanations, and hands- on life applications. Intended as a basic, yet thorough introduction to plants, this primary course is produced by Tamela Sechrist — homeschooling mom, consummate gardener, enthusiastic biologist, and committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that your child will find this work engaging and exciting, and that he or she become a lifelong enthusiast of God’s amazing world of plants!

Each unit contains three chapters introducing a new element of God’s creation of plants, with a fourth chapter describing a biome.

Features Include:

  • Biblical foundations underlying all science exploration
  • Age appropriate study of plant structures, pollination, photosynthesis, transpiration, hormones, genetics, and plants as food
  • Interspersed chapters on the world's biomes with their plants and animals
  • Relevant Scripture passages, memory verses and children's hymns throughout
  • Herby, the hardworking leaf, and Flora, the lovely flower, are friendly characters along for the ride
  • Beautiful pictures to hold the interest of young children
  • Clear instruction for each science topic as well as how to sow and grow a garden
  • 96 activities designed to reinforce corresponding science topics in the textbook
  • Hands-on learning with easy preparation for the parent/teacher
  • Science learned through observation, art, action, Scripture, imagination, logic, cooking, games, experiments, poems, music, and a little bit of math, geography, and writing

By Tamela Sechrist
Editors: R.A. Sheats, Kayla White

Textbook - 341 Pages, Paperback

Activity Book - 232 Pages, Paperback


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