God's Big Story Level 5 Set

God's Big Story Level 5 Set

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Nowadays it’s fashionable to introduce “great books” to our children in their Christian paideia or educational training. We, however, recommend the best Book—the Bible. If our children want to learn to read and think, the first and core content of their study must be the Bible. These are God’s stories, and our children should know all the stories of Scripture by the time they are reading on a fifth grade level.

Avoiding the piecemeal approach to Bible stories, the authors of this course instead present the whole story, the unity of Scripture, the true message intended by God. It is a redemptive story. While there may be moral lessons to glean here and there, the core message of Scripture is the work of God in redemption. This is the story the Bible presents from cover to cover and is the story focused on in this reading course.

Features of this course:

  • Genesis-to-Revelation telling of the biblical story in 75 chapters
  • Additional Scripture Readings
  • Faith Lessons from Each Bible Story
  • Daily Worksheets
  • Daily Lesson Schedule
  • Answer Key

This set includes:

  • God's Big Story Level 5 Textbook (hardcover, 479 pages & contains full colour images)
  • God's Big Story Level 5 Student Workbook (paperback, 479 pages)

by Kevin Swanson and Daniel Noor


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