Great Christian Classics Vol. 1

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Five Remarkable Narratives of the Faith

There is a wealth of great literature to study in the history of man, some written by Christians and some by non-Christians. However, the Christian student should direct special attention to literature produced by Christians. The empires of man will always crumble and fall, but the kingdom of Jesus Christ will continue forever. This collection covers five of the greatest life narratives of all time. A thorough study of these great books will help students understand the life, theology, and worldview of some of the greatest Christian men in church history. Sit at the feet of some of the best teachers God has given to His church.

Augustine Confessions: (354-430) Augustine is perhaps the most influential thinker of the first thousand years of Christian history. This fifth-century Christian wrote Confessions as a biography in the form of a prayer to God.

Patrick Confessions: (387-493) Amid the chaos following the collapse of the Roman Empire, Patrick, a man of legendary faith, led the way to the evangelization of the wild and pagan tribes of Ireland.

John Knox History of the Reformation In Scotland (c.1510-1572) Few men have lived in more dangerous times than John Knox of Scotland. Yet he led a reformation movement in a very dangerous land, leaving a testimony for generations to come.

John Bunyan Grace Abounding (1628-1688) Great men tell great stories because they live them. This is the case with John Bunyan, whose personal testimony, Grace Abounding, records one of the most tumultuous and agonizing spiritual journeys.

John Paton Autobiography (1824-1907) The kingdom of God is only taken by force by courageous men of faith like John Paton, whose missionary work among the cannibals in the New Hebrides is nothing short of legendary.

By Kevin Swanson

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