How Jesus Built His Church

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A Survey of Church History

A one-year survey of Church History focusing on the living stones that make up Christ's church: faithful men and women who worshiped and served the Lord Jesus Christ.

Church history is the study of the greatest undertaking the world has ever known: Jesus Christ building His kingdom. Even though the church faces persecution, suffering, and a decline in numbers at times, the kingdom of Christ marches on. The gates of hell will not prevail against the onslaught of Jesus and His disciples. Christ will triumph against the forces of spiritual darkness. This is the story of the church.

As century follows century, much of the work accomplished by the followers of the Carpenter from Galilee may not appear on the front page of newspapers. But when the dust settles and the history books are written, we find a church growing and expanding across the globe. We find Christian hospitals and orphanages everywhere. We find Christian culture impacting every aspect of human life on planet Earth! This is how the mustard seed and the leaven works. It is slow. It is subtle. But it does really grow.

The tale of Christ's kingdom is both fascinating and full of surprises. It includes pastors and teachers as well as people from every background and all walks of life. From kings and royal courtiers to tradesmen and peasants, Christ builds His church through living stones. Through their stories, we can observe how God's faithfulness has beautifully and masterfully preserved His people through more than twenty centuries. Then and now, Christ's kingdom is growing, and His building work continues to this day.

Level 7

By Joshua Schwisow with Kevin Swanson and Daniel Noor

Textbook - 372 pg. Paperback

Student Workbook - 240 pg. Paperback

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