How The World Runs

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Economic collapse; crookedness; chicanery; the “Everything Bubble” bursting—whether this will be “the Great Reset” or the “Great Recession,” economic turmoil has now become the rule of the day. Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. And the others wonder what happened. But here is a book that explains what happened. Finally, here is a book that explains economics for everyone.

The worldly, Keynesian, socialist, heavily-manipulated, and robbing-cheating-stealing systems of macroeconomics have steadily lost all internal integrity throughout developed nations over the past hundred years or so. This disintegration has finally led to a collapse. How will our families and our young people respond to this economic conflagration? Here is a game plan for every person who needs to find a way in the world. You need to know how the world runs and your part in it.

Economics is something that affects us every day. Economics is 95% of life. Economics is practical. Economics always begins in the micro. Here is a book about everything a Christian needs to know about economics to get along in the world economy. This is a book that will be particularly helpful for the young person just starting out.

Most importantly, within this course, God’s Word is brought to bear upon the subject. While the foolish man loses his house in the storms of life, the wise man will build his house and his household economy on the rock. That’s the rock of Jesus’s words. If there was ever a time to bring hundreds of relevant biblical truths back into our economics lessons, that time would be now. Whether building or rebuilding, here is the place to begin—on the foundation of divine revelation for every household economy.

Here is a book that weaves a seamless thread through macro and microeconomics, written for a high school audience.

Features of this course:

  • Human Motivation: What Makes the World Run?
  • The Laws of Supply and Demand
  • Wealth Inequality: Why Some Nations are Rich and Others are Poor
  • Thorns and Thistles: The Reality of Sin, the Effects of Sin, and God’s Judgment in the World
  • Economic Theories: Biblical Economics and the Economic Systems of Mankind
  • Getting Your Job: Work in the Economy
  • Banking and Your Money: How the World Robs, Cheats, and Steals
  • Investing Wisely: Don’t Bury Your Talents in the Ground!
  • Seeking Good Government: How Governments Ruin Economies
  • Succeeding at Your Work: How to Be Successful in Business
  • Spending Your Money: Making Wise Purchasing Choices
  • Running a Business: How Companies Operate
  • Identifying Your Calling in Life

By Kevin Swanson

Textbook - 470 Pages, Paperback
Workbook -  Pages, Paperback

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