Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven

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Made in Heaven
Man's Indiscriminate Stealing of God's Amazing Design

32 examples from nature.

We often marvel at the wonders of the world around us and take enjoyment in its beauty. But did you know that many of the technological advances that make our lives better are based on nature? Who would have thought that such "lowly" creatures as butterflies and beetles, mosquitoes and mussels, wasps, and worms could all serve as inspiration for today's top scientist?

Even in the most advanced laboratories, scientists often begin their search for innovation in the natural world, studying God's creation in an effort to understand its complex, proven mechanics of design.

Engineers and inventors have looked to fish, squids, and shrimp for such high-tech inventions as body armor, jet propulsion, and optical media. We have moths to thank for fueling new discoveries in solar panels. Yet how often has man merely copied God's designs and taken all the credit, when He is truly the source of all knowledge and creativity of this world?


  • How the glow of a cat's eyes innovates road reflectors
  • Naturally sticky inspirations for Velcro
  • The human immune system, the gecko's foot, the moth's eye, and other natural examples

By Ray Comfort & Jeffrey Seto

79 pages, Hardcover

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