Mary Jones and Her Bible*

Mary Jones and Her Bible*

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 Mary Jones’ family could not afford their own Bible. For years, Mary walked two miles to the home of a nearby farmer to read his family Bible. Mary diligently read the words of the divine book, storing them up in her heart. All the while, she prayed that the Lord would provide her with a Bible of her own. After six long years of saving her pennies, Mary Jones set out at last to buy her long-desired possession: a Bible. Walking barefoot for twenty-six miles, she crossed the Welsh countryside to the home of Thomas Charles, a local pastor. Mary offered her hoard of pennies and asked Pastor Charles for a Bible. Astounded by young Mary’s love for God’s Holy Word, Thomas was inspired to found the Religious Tract Society, an organization that would provide Bibles for countless men and women yearning for the truths of Holy Scripture. Based on a true story, this classic tale is sure to captivate young minds and teach children the great blessing it is to possess the written Word of God.

By Mary Ropes

92 Pages, Hardcover

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