Math 1 God's Gift of Numbers

Math 1 God's Gift of Numbers

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In this unique introduction to Math, children will learn that math reflects God's goodness, beauty, and truth.

Children will see all kinds of mathematical patterns in God's created world. We'll explore plants, animals, architecture, and so much more, both in captivating photographs and through getting our hands dirty in places like the backyard and the kitchen! Children will learn to be creative and to find ways for their unique personalities to shine through (yes, even in math!)

Children will realize right away that math is “useful” through activities and exercises that not only uncover math in the world but also send them out into the world to love others with what they've learned.

Children will find that memorizing, problem solving, and communicating math are opportunities to grow in faith, prayer and character. Children will also discover an authentic Christian worldview at the most basic level of thinking and be prepared to live in the world as the servants of the King.

Math Level 1 Introduces:

  • Basic Numbers and Counting
  • Shapes
  • Addition and Subtraction (Without carrying or borrowing)
  • One, Two, and Three- Digit Numbers
  • Measuring Length, Distance, and Time
  • Rounding

 By Elliott A. Best & Kevin Swanson

Edited by Tammy Sechrist & Kayla White

463 Pages, Paperback


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