Proverbs: The Companion Lesson Book

Proverbs: The Companion Lesson Book

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There are thousands of books and curriculum choices for parents who want to provide a good education for their children. Have you considered giving your children "God's curriculum"?

It should go without saying that there is a good deal of wisdom and knowledge to be found in the Book of Proverbs. It was the original curriculum, produced about 3,000 years ago intended as the basic education for a young man (or young woman). Could this wisdom be just as relevant and just as important now, even after being displaced by a thousand "new and improved" systems of thought? Christian parents everywhere are especially interested in providing this compendium of knowledge to their children from their earliest years.

Our children should be able to internalize and apply the principles found in the Book of Proverbs as they grow up. If our children will be rooted in all 1,000-plus lessons found in Proverbs before they reach adulthood, they should begin to work through them as early as 8 or 9 years of age.

Features of the Proverbs Companion Lesson Book:

  • Provides an excellent, simple introduction to the Proverbs for the 9-12 year old child.
  • Also serves as a companion for the Proverbs Bible Study Guide Series, or may be used independently.
  • Contains lessons that follow a "Read, Think, Hide, and Apply" method.
  • Includes series of exercises for every chapter in the Book of Proverbs.
  • Includes Answer Key

For ages 9+

204 pages


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