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God's Book of Wisdom

As you study the Book of Proverbs using this study guide, your family will learn the most basic truths and the most important lessons in life. This is God's wisdom on the big ideas relating to epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics. Here you will find an entire system of ethical priorities and purposes for life.

Thousands of readers are rediscovering the beauty, depth, and relevance of the wisdom contained in the book of Proverbs. More importantly, they are incorporating the wisdom of Proverbs into the education of the next generation! This wisdom is unchanging in an ever-changing post-modern world. This wisdom prepares a child for life and for eternity.

Families and schools spend billions of dollars each year on curriculum for children. Most of the time they forget to include God's Curriculum, the book of Proverbs. In this three-thousand-year-old compendium of wisdom, God lays out a full education program in a surprisingly practical form. He takes the most important lessons concerning science, government, business, psychology, human relationships, banking, epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics, and wraps them into simple character lessons for young men and women. Significantly, the faculty who must present these lessons is none other than fathers and mothers!

This Family Bible Study Guide Series provides a contemporary commentary on the Book of Proverbs using hundreds of illustrations, applications, and discussion questions. It is the fruit of seven years of daily instruction provided by homeschooling father and author, Kevin Swanson for his own five children. (Recommended for families, new believers, and children ages 9+.)

The following features are included in these Proverbs Family Bible Study guides:

  • Topical breakdown for each section of the book
  • Exposition of each lesson in the form of illustration and application
  • Penetrating, application-oriented questions to stimulate family discussion
  • Topical index for the entire Book of Proverbs (book 3 only)

By Kevin Swanson

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