Sunshine Country

Sunshine Country

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'Palko, clasping his hands together, prayed earnestly: "Jesus, Son of God, seeing that you have power in heaven and on earth, you see me, even though I may not be able to see you. I wish to tell you how much I love you, yes, much more even than I love my grandfather, and I wish to obey you. Help me to find the way to the true Sunshine Country.''

This heart-warming classic from Czechoslovakia records the fascinating tale of a little boy named Palko. Palko doesn't know his parents and has spent his short life living among strangers. Who is his family, and where are they? Will the mystery of his past ever be uncovered? And what hope does young Palko have for the future? After discovering and reading the Bible for himself, Palko finds peace and hope in Jesus Christ. He learns from God's Word that in the eternal sunshine country, there will be no more trouble or sadness. Young Palko excitedly begins to point others in the village to this 'sunshine country' above. Soon, everyone is talking about the good news of Jesus Christ. Based on a true story, this charming tale of Palko and his village will delight and enthrall young minds as it teaches them the power and beauty of God's precious Word.

By Kristina Roy

130 Pages, Hardcover

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