Taking Asia for Jesus

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Take a trip to the biggest continent in the world with this exciting history course! Travel back to the time before Christ and learn about the civilizations of India, China, and Japan. Then move forward past the ascension of the Lord Jesus and trace the spreading reign of Christ as the gospel goes forth into Asia. Taking Asia for Jesus tells the story from the Apostle Thomas in the 1st century to present-day servants of Jesus. In this engaging narrative, readers will find some of the most thrilling stories about the progress of the gospel and will learn the amazing things God has done in this part of the world.

Textbook - Topics and People Covered:

  • The First Missionary to China
  • The Apostle Thomas in India
  • The Mongol Empire
  • India
  • The Age of Exploration
  • China
  • Amy Carmichael
  • Japan
  • John and Betty Stam
  • William Carey
  • Adoniram and Ann Judson
  • Missions to Australia and New Zealand
  • John Paton
  • The Korean Pentecost
  • And more!

By Joshua Schwisow 

334 Pages, Paperback

Student Workbook - Features Include:

  • Course introduction
  • Daily lesson schedule
  • Perforated student worksheets
  • Content questions
  • Map exercises
  • Unit exams
  • Enrichment projects
  • Answer key

By Joshua Schwisow 

200 Pages, Paperback

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