Taking the Americas for Jesus

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Embark on an epic journey through the American continents in this exciting book. Beginning with Noah and the flood and moving forward through time, learn how the light of Christ’s gospel penetrated into the dark lands of North and South America. From the hot, humid jungles of the Amazon River basin to the frigid, frozen wastelands of the Hudson Bay, the reign of Christ has been made known.

Through twenty centuries, the spread of Christ’s kingdom is carefully chronicled through fascinating, almost unbelievable stories. In this book, readers will learn how the Eskimos of Labrador came to saving faith in Jesus Christ, how a Christian Viking first reached North America, how revival spread throughout the Americas, how the Bible first made it into Mexico, and how the savage natives of Tierra del Fuego were redeemed and transformed by Jesus Christ.

Textbook - Topics and People Covered:

  • Geography of North, Central, and South America
  • How People Came to the Americas
  • Melinda Rankin (Mexico)
  • Leif Erikson (Canada)
  • Jonathan Edwards (Massachusetts)
  • Asahel Nettleton (USA)
  • Captain Allen Gardiner (Tierra del Fuego)
  • The Conquistadors (Mexico and Peru)
  • Henry and Eliza Spalding (Idaho)
  • Christopher Columbus (Caribbean)
  • David Brainerd (New England)
  • Robert Kalley (Brazil)
  • Betty Greene (Peru)
  • The Mayflower Pilgrims (New England)
  • John Horden (Canada)
  • And more!

By Joshua Schwisow 

251 Pages, Paperback

Student Workbook - Features Include:

  • Course introduction
  • Daily lesson schedule
  • Perforated student worksheets
  • Content questions
  • Map exercises
  • Unit exams
  • Enrichment projects
  • Answer key

By Shari McMinn & Joshua Schwisow

211 Pages, Paperback

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