The Dragon and the Raven

The Dragon and the Raven

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The Danes have invaded Great Britain. Kingdom after kingdom has fallen to sword and plunder. Who will stand against the pagan Viking hordes? Join Edmund and King Alfred, known to history as Alfred the Great, as they defend the kingdom of Wessex and fight for the freedom they so desperately desire. Across land and sea, the battle rages. Will Alfred’s small forces be victorious against the onslaught of his powerful enemies? Both Edmund and King Alfred recognize that victory belongs to the Lord. It is only through the help of Almighty God that they will emerge victorious. In this classic novel by Victorian author G. A. Henty (1832-1902), readers are introduced to the sights, sounds, and events of 9th century England. Weaving the true story of King Alfred with the fictitious narrative of Edmund, a young Saxon thane, this work of historical fiction offers a thrilling introduction to the life and times of King Alfred the Great and is sure to capture the imagination of young readers for generations to come.

“We know that the people conquered by our ancestors were unwarlike and cowardly; but it would be shame indeed were we Saxons so to be overcome by the Danes, seeing moreover that we have the help of God, being Christians, while the Danes are pagans and idolaters.”

By G.A. Henty

288 Pages, Hardcover

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