Wild Brothers #4: Tiger Trail DVD

Wild Brothers #4: Tiger Trail*

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The Wild brothers attempt to track the legendary Tasmanian tiger (called mbakngge by island natives). This striped, howling creature is supposed to be extinct, yet tribal people have reported sightings for years. Now, the adventurous missionary family is determined to uncover the truth as they deepen their relationships with the people of their remote mountain. Hike along as Morgan, Hudson, Kian, and Asher gather clues through paw print tracking and a remote trail camera to close in on this scientific rediscovery. Led by their father and guided by natives, the Wild brothers witness the beauty and danger of the remote jungle, including misty mountains, river rapids, and massive waterfalls! So get your family together, and have your discussion guide ready to fully enjoy a Wild adventure you will never forget!

30 min.

Discussion guide included.

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