Standing on Guard for Thee

Standing on Guard for Thee

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Standing on Guard for Thee: The Past, Present and Future of Canada's Christian Right is Dr. Michael Wagner's ground breaking history on Canadian Christians' influence over the political landscape of Canada. Many Canadians, including some Canadian Christians have the impression that the "Christian Right" in Canada is an American import. Dr. Wagner's excellent book, reveals that such a conclusion is separated from the facts. Christian influence is foundational to the creation of Canada as a nation and has continued to the present. Wagner's book was first published in 2005 but has since been updated. A wonderful and insightful history of Canadian Christian activism and Canadian heritage.

"Michael Wagner's valuable, original account of the Christian Right in Canada . . ." Michael Valpy, Literary Review of Canada (September 2008).

Dr. Michael Wagner is the author of the Christian Citizenship Guide, Leaving God Behind, True Right, Alberta: Separatism Then and NowNo Other Option, and The Anglosphere’s Broken Covenant. He has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Alberta and lives in Edmonton with his wife and eleven children.

295 pages

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