Western Conservatory Audios - Damaged Cases

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These products have cracked CD cases. Most of them are fairly small with the exception of the A Bride Goes West that are sold individually, which have a larger amount of damage to the cases. The pictures are not of the damaged copies.

Home Education for Real Life: Teaching Your Children to Thrive in the 21st Century.

  1. Ready for What?
    What We Must Educate Our Children to Be and Do.
  2. Ready to Think and Communicate:
    How to Have Something to Say and How to Say it.
  3. Ready to Lead Culture:
    How to Take Dominion in the Arts Without the Arts Taking Dominion of You.
  4. Ready to Take Dominion of the Earth:
    Studying Science, Math, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Sciences, Agriculture, and Construction.
  5. Ready to Lead in the Gates:
    Studying Economics, Law, Political Science, Military Studies, Geography, and History.
  6. Ready for Anything:
    Figuring Out Vocation, Gifts, and Real Life Skills.
  7. Bonus:
    Final Questions and Answers.

By the Botkin family

10 hours and 30 min. of audio & video

The sessions are on one disc in both MP3 and MP4 format. The Bonus Q&A session is MP3 audio format only. This was originally done as a webinar and the video is slides with pictures and text not a video of them speaking.

Voices from the Past

America has a remarkable, but largely unknown, legacy of strong, intelligent, Christian womanhood. In "Voices from the Past," Victoria Botkin will take you back to original source documents, enhanced by period music, breathing life into the very words of real heroines of American history.

Voices from the Past Set Includes:

Over 17 hours of audio


What Our Father Taught Us About Boys

Why is it hard for girls to find the balance between flirting and shunning? How can girls keep their hearts pure? What responsibilities do they have toward young men? Is it possible to be "just friends"? Hear practical advice on navigating the tricky waters of relationships with boys, and how these relationships, properly conducted, can be edifying and strengthening.

By Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin

50 min.

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