Animal Tracks

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Are you ready to take a hike through the Canadian wilderness or travel on an African safari? Grab your binoculars, hiking poles and hat and come along for an exciting adventure as you discover the amazing creatures God has created, one animal track at a time!

Hide the animal pictures around the house or in the yard with their footprints nearby for children to hunt for and identify the different animals. To add an extra challenge, write all the animal names down and put them in a container. Each child draws one animal name from the container and then has to locate that animal. Once a child finds and collects the animal he is looking for, he may then draw another name. The child who finds the most animals wins.

Older children may also enjoy going on a night quest. Simply turn off the lights in a dark room and give each child a flashlight with which to find the hidden animals.

 Other Games:

  • Concentration 
  • Guess the Tracks
  • Bingo

80 cardboard tiles (40 animal sets)
Tile Size: 3" x 2"

List of Animals:  African Lion, Alligator, Bald Eagle, Beaver, Bison/Buffalo, Black Bear, Brush Rabbit, California Quail, Caribou, Coyote, Domestic Cat, Domestic Cattle, Domestic Goat, Domestic Sheep, Dromedary Camel, Elk, Gray Fox, Gray Wolf, Giraffe, Great Blue Heron, Grizzly Bear, Horse, Mountain Goat, Mountain Lion, Mouse, Opossum, Pacific Treefrog, Pond Turtle, Pronghorn Antelope, Raccoon, Raven, River Otter, Snowy Egret, Spotted Skunk, Stone Marten, Striped Skunk, White-tailed Deer,  Wild Pig, Wild Turkey, Wolverine

 Items we carry that complement Animal Tracks:

We also carry stuffed animals, slap bracelets or finger puppets of the animals in the sample pictures, which can be hidden in place of some of the picture cards. The picture cards can then be passed out to younger children as a helpful guide for the animals they are trying to find. You could also use the stuffed animals as trophies once children have finished learning about the animals.

Additionally, you could get a special journal for children to sketch out some of the footprints themselves or write down more information on the different animals.

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