Orangutan Slap Bracelet

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Huggers Stuffed Animal Slap Bracelet  by Wild Republic

Gift a Hug!

Regardless of age, it's hard not to get attached to these cuddly, little creatures.

Even seniors enjoy running their hand along the fuzzy back of a stuffed animal, or attaching it to the front of their walker for helpful identification as well as having a great toy on hand to share with their great-grandchildren when they come to visit.

Slap this little guy around your wrist and let little ones delight in playing with it without constantly having to retrieve it from the floor.

These compact animals are easy to take with you, and if there is no more room in your tote, backpack, or diaper bag, don't worry, just slap him onto one of the straps and away you go.  

Approximately: 8" height x 11 ¾" arm spread x 3" width with arms closed
Surface washable

Recommended for ages 3 and up

Note: Slap Bracelets are not eligible for our letter mail shipping option, even though it may show up during check out.

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