The Tattooed Jesus*

The Tattooed Jesus*

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What Would the Real Jesus Do with Pop Culture?

Would Jesus tattoo Leviticus 19:28 on his left thigh?

Some Christians consider it borderline blasphemy to even ask the question.  Others are delighted to answer the question in the affirmative. Both parties can’t be right.

In an age of Western apostasy, it should come as no surprise to find cultural apostasy leading the way.  In this pungent little book, Kevin Swanson challenges the modern Christians that capitulate to the post-Christian worldviews and cultural expressions.  He doggedly refuses to separate worldviews and culture, pressing hard for repentance, or a change of worldview in the mind of the reader.

Christians are too easily ruined by philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men (Col. 2:8), because they are not discerning of bad ideas and bad cultural devices. Kevin Swanson addresses such varying topics as major motion pictures, popular music, country music, eastern medicine, tattoos, computer games, horror literature, fantasy, sports, super heroes, Contemporary Christian Music, Hip Hop, Thomas Kinkade, Harry Potter, Jack Bauer, Sesame Street, and the Hunger Games.

by Kevin Swanson

167 pg. paperback


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